Sugar Vs Wax


Sugaring ('sugar waxing') is the long lasting, gentle and natural alternative to all other hair removal processes.

Shaving and depilatory products only get rid of the hair at the surface of the skin. The hair grows back quickly and coarsely so you have to spend lots of time and money to keep your skin hair-free. With many of the products you are applying harsh chemicals directly onto your skin over and over again.

Although waxing products can remove hair from the root, they can also damage the skin and require treatment lotions to repair that damage. Long term use of standard wax can even cause permanent harm.

With Sugaring on the contrary you are meeting the needs of your skin while removing unwanted hair.
Your skin will thank you for feeling softer and smoother with each use of our sugaring paste.

Sugaring and Waxing: they both pull out the hair from the root and claim hair-free results for up to 8 weeks... so what IS the difference?


A note from our heart:

Anukis Sugar Paste does NOT CONTAIN ANY WAX! We only use the term "Sugar Wax" because this is unluckily a common expression used by many. And we want to be found by you and anyone out there looking for a wax-free natural hair remover ♥

A note from our heart:

Please watch out when comparing sugaring products on the market! There are quite a lot of "Sugar Wax" products out there which actually ARE A COMMON WAX with a bit of sugar added to it: this has nothing to do with real sugaring and won't give you any of its benefits.

Much less pain & much less skin irritation:

Sugar paste only sticks to the hair and dead skin cells, giving your skin a gentle exfoliation during the hair removal treatment.

It is used at a safe & comfortable low temperature so there is no danger of burning.

Painful and traumatizing to the skin:

Wax can stick to living skin cells taking them off.

Heat increases blood supply to the surface of the skin, therefore increasing sensitivity.

Hot wax can burn and scar your skin.

With long-term use it is associated with wrinkles, especially in the lip and brow area.

Much less hair breakage = longer lasting result:

Sugar paste is applied AGAINST the direction of the natural hair growth, sinking deeply into the hair follicle openings thanks to the size of its small molecules.
The paste wraps tightly around the hair shaft making it pliable, gently encouraging extraction.

The hair removal works IN the direction of growth and does not break off the hair. 


 Much less hair breaks!

Sugaring Wax Paste Hair Removal Diagram No Hair Breakage

The shortest hair can be removed!

Sugaring Wax Paste Hair Removal Diagram Short Hair Removal

Because the sugar paste reaches the hair so deep down in the follicle it is able to pull out hair that is even shorter than 2mm.


Early re-growth/ danger of ingrown hairs:

Wax is applied IN the direction of the hair growth.


The epilation works AGAINST the direction of natural hair growth causing many hairs to break off, resulting in early stubbly re-growth. Not only that, this causes distortion of the hair follicles which can lead to infection and ingrown hair.

A high percentage of the hair breaks!

Waxing Hair Removal Diagram Hair Breakage

Short re-growth is impossible to remove.

Waxing Hair Removal Diagram No Short Hair Removed

Longer hairy times as you have to wait until the hair grows long enough.

Soft and comfortable feeling directly after the sugaring treatment:

Sugaring paste nourishes the skin due to its high concentration of sugar, which is well known for its healing properties. It also works as a defoliant, removing impurities and dry skin cells during the hair removal process, leaving the skin smooth and clean.

If any redness shows at all, it has often disappeared by the end of the aftercare procedure.

Usually feels uncomfortable for a period of time after a waxing treatment:

Wax irritates the skin due to its ingredients, the heat involved and the direction of hair removal which can result in red and sore skin for many hours afterwards. Wax is also known to damage fine tissue cells, especially with long-term usuage.

The level of pain stresses the whole body and can leave one quite exhaused after a treatment.

100% natural:

Sugar, water & citric acid is all it needs to do the magic.

Since sugar is a preservative itself, no further additives, chemicals or preservatives are needed.

No harmful side effects are known.

Very popular for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Chemical mix:

Wax contains many harmful ingredients such as resins, chemical preservatives & additives.


Can harm the skin.

Can cause allergic reactions.

Suitable for those with special (but common) skin conditions:

Can be used on skin affected by spider veins, most varicose veins, dry Eczema and Psoriasis. Can be used on "thin skin" caused by Diabetes.
Please consult your GP and a professional sugaring practitioner before using our sugaring products if any of the above applies to yourself. A professional treatment is highly advisable!

Not suitable for those with special skin conditions:

Can not be used in these cases.

Easy to clean:

Anukis Sugar Paste is water soluble. Simply wash it off if wrongly applied or accidentally spilled.

No sticky feeling after sugaring as any remains can be washed off easily with pure water.


Special cleanser necessary, likely on a chemical basis. Can ruin clothes, towels, carpets etc.

Sticky skin is a common experience after waxing as it can be difficult to wash it off completely.


Bacteria cannot breed or survive in sugar.

Risk of infection:

Bacteria can survive and multiply in wax products.

Eco-friendly, vegan & economical:

100% natural & fully biodegradable.

Not much product needed (the more practised you are, the less you'll need).

Strips & spatulas are re-usable (home use).

Not many extra products are needed, unlike with waxing.

Burden for the environment & your cash:

Most waxes contain chemicals.

Much more product per hair removal treatment is needed.

Strips & spatulas cannot be re-used.

Requires extra cleansing and repairing after-care products (often containing chemicals).


Sugar paste never hardens on the skin so there is no time pressure nor danger of hair breakage. Ideal for beginners but also for those using strip sugaring as large skin areas can be covered in one go saving you time.

Time pressure:

Will harden on the skin, so application has to be done quickly.

Hardened wax has the tendency to break hair at the surface, rather than pull it out.