Sugaring Hair Removal Instructions


If you are up for learning an amazing new skill, you are at the right place! Especially if you are a 'home-waxer' already we hope you will switch to this natural and so much safer hair removal alternative! Learn how to sugar with us and we will happily assist you along the way, don't hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.

Before you start your first sugaring ('sugar waxing') treatment, test it on a small area of your skin. A little redness afterwards is a normal reaction of the skin and will disappear after a short time. If the redness persists for longer than 24 hours, do not use the sugaring paste again.

We strongly recommend to be very confident in the sugaring technique before removing hair from delicate areas such as the underams, bikini area and the face. 
It is also very important to stretch the skin firmly during the removal process. For certain body areas it is likely that you will need a second person to help stretching the skin (think on underarms for example). Get your partner or friend to help if necessary. For a full intimate hair removal you should visit a professional sugaring practitioner.

Which sugaring paste is right for me?


Please pay attention to the following precautions.

For external use only.


ο After acid treatments or dermabrasions (please wait 4 months)
ο If you suffer from vein diseases (for example Phlebitis)
ο If you suffer from acute varicose veins
ο On moles, warts, wounds, acne (sugar around these areas)
ο On sunburn
ο If you suffer from Oedema
ο If you suffer from weak connective tissue
ο If you take any skin/ blood thinning medication (e.g. Roaccutane, Steroids, Asthma medication, etc.) (seek advice from your doctor and visit a professional sugaring practitioner)
ο If you are diabetic please consult your doctor for advice before use. A professional treatment is strongly advisable in this case!

As a man do not sugar:
ο Your testicles: they might get seriously injured!
ο Your beard



The hair should be 3-5mm long to start with. Once practised and in a regular sugaring cycle it will be possible to remove hair even shorter than 2mm. To achieve optimal results with minimised irritation for your skin, you should follow these instructions:

ο Do not exfoliate your skin for 2 days prior to sugaring.
ο Do not sunbathe, use a tanning bed or any heat treatment for at least 24 hours before.
ο Your skin needs to be clean, oil free and dry, so do not use oily soap and avoid putting on any lotions for 24 hours beforehand.
ο Drink enough water to moisturise your skin internally (helps to prevent ingrown hair).
ο Ladies: please keep in mind that you are likely to be more sensitive to pain before and during your menstruation.

Special Advice For Beginners:

Preventing Frustration:
Choosing the right moment and place makes the world of difference! Make sure you feel relaxed and not too tired and in a keen mood of learning a new skill. Don't start your first sugaring in a rush just before you're about to go out as this will only make you tense and impatient with one side effect being your hand becoming hot and sweaty. Find yourself a nice spot not too hot or humid (so not in the bathroom) with a good bright light. Have everything you need in place, add a cup of tea and some music and you are good to go .

Preventing Unwanted Skin Reactions:
If you have never removed your hair by the root before (e.g. using common waxing or an epilator) or it has been a long time since, do not attempt to sugar too large areas of your skin in one single go. Keep in mind that ripping out hair is a traumitising experience for your skin and if your body is not used to this type of treatment it might react defensively in an attempt to protect you. 
Your facial skin is particularly sensitive and to avoid your immune system kicking in (which can show symptoms like a rash or white pimples) we recommend to start sugaring one area at a time. This way you can monitor your skin reaction introducing this new experience to your body more gently.


The sugar paste should be at body temperature (37°C/98.6°F) for use, so heating the paste is necessary unless you are living in a hot climate.
Be sure the paste is not too hot; test carefully on the back of your hand! Stir the paste thoroughly to avoid any hot spots!
You can heat the sugaring paste while still in its container either in a sugar wax heater, microwave (in very little steps) or in warm water. If using warm water to heat the paste container, make sure that no water is allowed into the paste - sugaring paste is water soluble and will be spoiled if the container is not sealed properly and water gets in! If using a sugar wax heater choose a low temperature setting; do not overheat the paste as this is not only dangerous but can change the paste's original consistency!
Note: The best and most convenient option is to use our sugar wax heater which keeps your paste at the correct temperature throughout your sugaring session. For beginners who want to try our trial sizes first, using a microwave or warm water will do the job but be prepared that the paste will cool down over time and reheating might be necessary.



Cleanse your skin with our Pre-cleanser making sure any cleanser remains have been removed and the skin has been dried thoroughly.  Apply Anukis Sugaring Powder lightly to the skin and to your sugaring hand for absorbing any excess moisture.

Click here to open Instructions on Sugaring with Anukis Sugaring Paste: Soft, Strong and Extra Strong (Sugaring Hand Technique)


This is the ORIGINAL sugaring technique called 'Flicking' and all you need is your clean hands; no spatula or strips necessary. A spatula or similar is needed for stirring the paste.

For sugaring beginners we recommend our Extra Strong sugar paste. Once confident, you can switch to the Strong or Soft paste suiting your individual hair type and atmospheric conditions.

Preparation: Warm up the sugar paste: consistency should be soft enough to very slowly drip; temperature should be warm, not hot! Stir the paste thoroughly to avoid any hot spots and test the paste's temperature carefully on the back of your hand. Take out a walnut-sized amount (once practised take an amount as large as you can handle/ as suitable for the body area to be treated).

Application: Apply the paste slowly with gentle pressure AGAINST the direction of the hair growth, running your fingertips 2 to 3 times over the applied paste with only little pressure. That way the paste can sink in properly and embrace the hair follicles deep down.

Removal: Now flick back the paste sharply IN the direction of the hair growth while holding the skin firmly with your other hand. Flick flat over the skin! Do not lift the paste up or out away from the skin!

Flicking = Throwing the hand back in a short sharp motion taking power from the wrist.

You can use the same amount of paste during one hair removal session until it contains too many hairs.

  • If you are new to flicking: practise first without any paste by imagining to flick/ wave a fly away. Do not try to grip the paste with your fingers, the paste adheres to itself. Key to success is a very relaxed hand.
  • If the paste becomes too warm due to the room or body's temperature, simply mix some new paste in.
  • If the paste becomes too sticky: re-apply Anukis Sugaring Powder lightly to the treated skin area and to your sugaring hand.
  • Have some strips ready in case the paste gets stuck or for removing any larger left overs.

Click here to open Instructions on Sugaring with Anukis Sugaring Paste: Strip

The sugaring strip technique does not work on every hair type and is most popular with blond fine hair. It is easier to learn than the hand technique so you might want to try it but if you find it is not removing all your hair you should switch to original sugaring using our flicking sugar pastes.

For this technique you need strips & spatulas (clean hands are always advisable).

Preparation: Warm up the Strip sugar paste: consistency should be like liquid honey; temperature should be warm, not hot! Stir the paste thoroughly to avoid any hot spots and test the paste's temperature carefully on the back of your hand.  Take out a small amount with a spatula.

Application: Apply the paste slowly  AGAINST the direction of the hair growth. Use the edge of the spatula (not the flat side) to make sure only a very thin layer is applied. Go over the applied paste twice again to make sure it sinks in properly to embrace the hair follicles deep down. Apply a strip by massaging it firmly onto the applied paste leaving a small section at the end free to hold onto when pulling back.

Removal: Pull the strip back sharply IN the direction of hair growth while holding the skin firmly with your other hand . Flick flat over the skin! Do not lift the strip up or out away from the skin!

You can use the same strip several times depending on how thick the paste is applied.


  • To save time you can apply paste to large skin areas in one go as the paste does not harden on the skin.
  • Massage the strip onto the paste against the direction of hair growth to help the paste sink in properly.


During the process:

ο Pay attention to the natural direction of hair growth.
ο Always hold the skin firmly against the pulling direction!
ο Removal needs to be flat over the skin, never lift your hand/ the strip up or away from the skin.
ο Cool sensitive areas of your body directly afterwards (or in between) with a cool pad wrapped into a clean cloth or paper towel.
ο Treat small areas at a time when removing hair from sensitive parts of the body.



ο Wash away any remains of sugar paste with cold water and dry the skin.
ο Calm your skin with the moisturising and cooling Anukis Sugaring Aftercare Spray (tip: store in fridge to enhance the cooling effect).
ο Soak used strips and spatulas in warm water, rinse them clean and let dry for re-use in your next sugaring session.
ο As your skin will be more vulnerable, we recommend the following for 24-48 hours after sugaring:
Avoid fragranced soap, deodorants, make up, self tanning products and lotions other than pure Aloe Vera Spray or gel.
Avoid touching the treated skin with your fingers (bacteria).
 Do not use any heat treatments (hot shower/bath, sauna, steam room, etc).
Do not do sun bathing and do not use a sun bed.
Avoid excessive sweating and swimming.
Avoid friction (e.g. tight clothes).
Do not exfoliate your skin.

Your skincare routine and way of living will effect your hair removal results. The following advice will not only help prevent ingrown hairs but will also reward you with a healthy glowing skin.
Gently exfoliate your skin regularly and spoil yourself once a week with a natural body scrub. Use a natural moisturiser according to the needs of your skin and drink enough water. Regular exercising, healthy food, fresh air and enough sleep will also enhance your skin condition thus optimising your hair removal results.
Be sweet to yourself and think holistically ♥