FAQs Sugaring Hair Removal


Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about sugaring ('sugar waxing') hair removal.

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Q. Is sugaring painful?
A. Skin sensitivity  and experienced pain levels vary. Most people experience a slight tingling sensation like taking off a plaster from the skin. Where the hair is denser and/ or stronger rooted the sensation will be stronger.
Especially customers who have experience with using wax or an epilator have been surprised in a very positive way.
Any discomfort will lessen with regular treatments as the hair growth system gets weakened and partly destroyed.

Reasons why sugaring is less painful than other epilation methods: Anukis Sugaring Paste is not applied hot so there is no increase of blood supply to the surface of the skin, therefore there is no increased sensitivity. Sugar paste only sticks to dead skin cells (not to living skin cells like waxing) while still effectively sticking to the hair. The hair is removed IN the direction of natural hair growth.

Our clients agree on: having the bikini area sugared is not particularly fun but ALL of them literally enjoy having their legs sugared and tend to have a nap!
Hard to believe? Book a treatment with us to see for yourself.

Q. Is sugaring messy?
A. Absolutley not! On the contrary, sugaring is a much cleaner process than common waxing as any remains of the sugar paste can be washed off easily with pure water.
This is unluckily a myth cruising around and the reason for this is simply: the technique has not been learned and practised enough. 
If you had a messy experience with sugaring feel welcome to get in touch and we will help you to a neat and mess-free hair removal experience.

Q. Which products should I have as a minimum to be able to perform a sugaring treatment? 
A. Basically you will need a Sugar Paste suitable for your individual cicumstances. 
A Pre-Cleanser is advisable to provide the clean and oil free skin needed so the sugar paste can grap all the hair.
Very much recommended is our organic talcum free Sugaring Powder to absorb any excess moisture prior and during the sugaring treatment. The powder can make all the difference as your hand and skin will keep producing sweat and oil which can lead to the paste becoming too sticky to work with.
To calm, cool and soothe your skin after the treatment you should apply our pure Aloe Vera Spray. This spray will also moisturise your skin the following days without clogging the hair follicle openings, essential to prevent ingrown hairs and infections. (Please note: if you have a different Aloe Vera product at home already please do your skin the favour and check the ingredients list!)
Strips & Spatulas should be in place not only for using the strip-sugaring technique. A spatula is needed to stir and to take out the paste. Strips can come in handy if you have some paste stuck to your skin and you are not able to flick it off or for any larger left overs on your skin: just massage the strip onto the paste for a neat removal. Both can be washed with water to be re-used.
As you will need to warm up the paste (unless you live in a hot climate) a Sugar Paste Heater is the most convenient option. If you are new to sugaring and want to keep cost low until you know if you'll stick to this way of hair removal you can use a microwave or hot water instead. But keep in mind that the paste will cool down and re-heating might be necessary. (Please see our Sugaring Instructions for how to heat up the paste safely).

Q. Which body areas can be sugared?
A. Sugaring is gentle & safe enough to be practically used on all body areas.
(Please see our Sugaring Instruction page.)
Men though have two exceptions; see next question.

Q. Can men use it?
A. Yes. Anukis Sugaring Paste is so effective that it will remove even coarse male hair. In fact, many sugaring users are male body builders and athletes.
And especially men are very grateful for the fact that sugaring causes so much less discomfort and irritation to the skin!
There are only 2 exceptions: The beard and the testicles.

Q. Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?
A. No. On the contrary, the hair will grow back thinner and finer. Anukis Sugar Paste removes the hair from the root, thus discouraging hair growth.
Regular usage will noticeably reduce hair growth and the re-growth takes longer to appear and is considerably finer.

Q. How long before hair re-grows after sugaring?
A. Generally sugaring hair removal lasts between 4-6 weeks, depending on the level of hair growth and on how regular you are sugaring. This varies from one person to another and is also depending on the body area. 
Hair growth will not necessarily be equally distributed and hair grows at different rates. Other factors play a role in hair growth as well, for example your genetics, your hormones, your life style and the climate you are living in.
Repeated sugaring treatments however weakens the hair system so re-growth gets sparser with time and can even lead to permanency.

Q. I don't want to run around with stubbles during the summer, is it OK to shave for a while?
A. Shaving in between the sugaring treatments is not the best idea as this will counteract the progress of diminishing your hair growth. But the really cool thing with sugaring is, that you can remove hair even shorter than 2mm so simply sugar more often keeping your skin smooth at all times.

Q. Is sugaring safe?
A. Yes. Our sugar paste is a 100% natural product including healing properties thanks to its high sugar content. The paste will not take any living skin cells off (as common waxing can do) and its unique technique minimises the risk of skin irritation, hair follicle distortion and ingrown hairs.
The main risk is if one does not follow the instructions, so please take your time at the beginning and keep practising on easy body areas such as the legs before moving on to more delicate areas like the face.
Always patch test the first time on a small area  (as with any skincare product) and monitor your skin for 24 hours to avoid any unwanted reactions.

Q. Can I use sugar paste if I suffer from Psoriasis/ Eczema?
A. Yes, you can get sugared in these cases and it often even enhances the skin picture. We strongly advise to visit a professional sugaring practitioner in such cases.

Q. Can my daughter use it?
A. Yes. Anukis Sugaring Paste is so gentle and natural that it is perfect for young and sensitive skin. However, before you start any hair removal process, we recommend that you consult with your doctor for advice.
Always patch test the first time on a small area  (as with any skincare product) and monitor your skin for 24 hours to avoid any unwanted reactions.

Q. What is the required hair length for sugaring?
A. Your hair should be between 3 and 5mm in length if you are new to sugaring. Once practised/ in a regular sugaring cycle you can sugar hair even shorter than 2mm.

Q. How can I prevent ingrown hair?
A. Most people hardly experience ingrown hairs at all with sugaring thanks to its unique technique which is removing the hair in the natural direction of growth. Your skin care between the sugaring sessions though plays a further important role. To enjoy a smooth and hair free skin without ingrown hair you should generally live a healthy life style. Several factors play a role in ingrown hair starting with the hair removal technique being applied correctly. Follow our Sugaring Instructions including the pre and after advice meticulously will help a lot.
It is possible to be prone to ingrown hair and if you suffer from many of them we recommend to stop the hair removal for a while to give the skin time to recover. If you have the chance we recommend to visit a professional sugaring practitioner to seek individual advice.

Q. Should I do anything different before my sugaring treatment?
A. You should consider our pre-sugaring advice when choosing the day of your sugaring treatment and adjust your daily routine accordingly.
(Please see our Sugaring Instructions.)

Q. What should I do after my treatment?
A. Your skin will be more sensitive after the sugaring treatment with the hair follicle openings being more vulnerable to infections. Please keep this in mind the following days and avoid any extra irritation and risk. For more info see our Sugaring Instructions.

Q. How do I wash the used strips and spatulas afterwards?
A. After use soak the strips and spatulas in warm water, then rinse and let dry to re-use them for your next sugaring.

Q. Can sugaring lead to permanent hair removal?
A. Yes, it can and it does with many.
It is possible to become permanently hairless if being sugared correctly and regularly. How long this will take depends on several factors. As every human being is an individual there are individual hair types and growth pattern. It could be the case that you have hairless patches already after a few treatments whereas others may need many more.
Hormones and many other factors can influence hair growth and depending on the body area the number of treatments leading to permanency will vary.

Q. How much of my body can I sugar with the amount of a 200g jar?
A. This depends on the following: the level of experience, the density of hair, using the correct type of paste, the condition of your skin.
To give you an idea: an experienced sugaring practitioner will be able to sugar full legs and bikini line with one hand full of sugar paste. This applies to the average density of hair and requires a normal healthy moisturised skin and average temperature conditions.
As a beginner you will probably find that you are using more paste but with each sugaring experience the amount used should become less.

Q. How long is the shelf life of Anukis Sugaring Paste?
A. The official shelf life is 12 months after opening but  our paste can last much longer if stored and handled correctly.
Do not take the paste out with your fingers but use a clean spatula or similar tool. Avoid any contamination and contact with water and close the lid immediately after using the paste. Store your sugar paste jar in a dry place at room temperature.

Q. I am pregnant; is it safe to sugar?
A. Many pregnant women still enjoy sugaring treatments. There is no reason to stop sugaring treatments during your pregnancy, but remember, everyone's pregnancy is different so please ask your doctor first!

Q. Is it ok to have sex the same day I get my bikini sugared?
A. Medical experts recommend waiting for 24-48 hours after any type of bikini line hair removal. During this time period your body can be most susceptible to outside bacteria, which can potentially cause an infection. For your safety and health, it is better to abstain and your skin will thank you for getting some time to recover.