Testimonials From Our Customers

We hope reading our customer feedback will motivate you to try sugaring hair removal and that it will encourage you to get in touch for any questions you might have.
Like any skill the sugaring technique wants to be learned and practised to achieve it's full benefits. Our professional sugaring practitioner Anu is more than happy to help you, whatever your level of experience.

Please email or phone us on +44 (0)7521245305 to discuss your needs.

Sweet wishes from your Anukis-Team ♥


I am completely overwhelmed by the level of brilliant service I have received from the second I ordered this product. In a time where my email inbox is rammed full of automated alerts and messages from different companies it was a massive breath of fresh air to be contacted by a real person who I could instantly tell believed in their products and wanted me to be just as successful using them!
Having limited knowledge of the product I initially ordered incorrectly, not only was this issue sorted out for me extremely quickly but this also promoted Anu's initiative, noticing I was a little inexperienced, to send me some advice and support for when the product arrives.
I can honestly say I will be coming back to BeautySugaring Ltd and advising all my friends and family to do the same.
I look forward to receiving the product, and would like to thank Anu for changing my questions and fears into answers and excitement!
Thanks again Anu! G.


I just received my wax today an have tried it out tonight it's ace thanks so much for a great product. I waxed the area an all the hair came out perfectly even better than any beauty salon has done without the intense burning of the wax when they do it. I've had best correspondence off this website an it was easy to place a order. I'd highly recommend anyone to give this a try as normal hot wax doesn't compare. It says exactly what it says on the box and I'm converted to sugar wax from now on. I've compared a few sites and this one is the best. If you don't believe me then try it out yourself.
A. x


Thank you very much for the reply, its much appreciated and it definitely helped! I used it again and the results were much better and I was happy to see that I didn't bruise. I do still need to work on the technique but I'm sure that will just come with the practice.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards, S.


Hi Anu
Thank you for getting back to me so quick I roped in hubby to help with my other arm an didn’t have that problem at all an lovely smooth arms thank you again love this product never knew this existed till I came across it by chance one happy customer
Kind regards, L.


I just want to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my Sugaring paste - I've been sugared for 21 years now and I thought I would try and find the right paste to hand sugar myself – I reckon I've seen it done so much I should be ok at it. I came across your site only yesterday and today I have successfully managed to defuzz a whole half leg!!! Looking forward to finishing the job when the kids are at school. Thank you, E.


I am so very impressed. The wax is amazing. Not that much left and so I will be ordering a larger pot from you.
Thanks, N.


Hi Anu,
I appreciate with you dealing with the order and look forward to ordering again as a regular customer, as the product is suited to my skin type.
Thank you.
Sincerely, Miss H.


Dear Anu,
Thank you so much. A true sign of a excellent company - to listen and respond to their customers so efficiently. I am so impressed.
I have not used the sugaring method before and found your site very helpful and thank you also for your offer of support.
Thank you for your personal message, I really do appreciate it.
Kind Regards, F.


Dear Anu,
Thanks so much for your detailed and very helpful reply. I'm going to see how I do/what results I get with the strips as it does seem theoretically easier even if it's not as effective.
Anything must be better than shaving, which my body tolerated well for years but recently (in the last 18 months) it's been a nightmare with a lot of irritation, ingrown hairs, rashes etc., (I think possibly due to hormonal changes-I've come off the pill after many years) and I'm really fed up with it hence trying different things.
I'll be in touch if I can't master the strip technique and/or if I decide to give the hand technique another go.
Many many thanks, B.


Dear Anu,
I am thrilled with your extra strong sugar paste. I have used it a couple of times and with a bit of practice found it really easy to use.
Best wishes,


Hiya Anu
Thank you, I have received my order and am very impressed! I must say, the technique is tricky and I'll need to practice plenty. I would welcome any tips.
Again, thank you for your excellent service. I will most definitely be ordering again and passing on your details to a number of friends.
All the best, C.


Good morning Anu,
Thank you for your email. I can see you will do everything you can to resolve this which is very reassuring. Thank you. I know this is not a reflection on you or your business but your customer service in trying to address this is amazing.
If anything arrives today I will let you know immediately.
Many thanks, M.


Most impressed with the service...it is very kind of you.
I shall wait a few days for a bit more length...and then have a session and will certainly let you know how it goes and which is the better option.
Thank you again....I almost wish that I lived in Redruth so that I could pop in and meet you.
Every good wish.... J.


Thank you so much for the quick reply much appreciated.
I would like to also mention that your product is amazing.
I will redo the process, cheers, K.