Anukis Sugaring Face Kit For Hair Removal

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This comprehensive sugar wax face kit provides all you need for sugaring your eyebrows, upper lip or the whole face at home. Please see 'Contents' to choose the kit that suits your individual type of facial hair.

Recommended to buy with: Anukis Sugaring Powder and Anukis Sugaring Aftercare Spray.

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Anukis Sugaring Paste for hair removal is 100% natural and contains no harmful wax. Due to its healing properties and the gentle technique used during the hair removal process it is very popular for sensitive and allergy-prone skin types.

Sugaring is the modern alternative to waxing, offering many advantages: minimised skin irritation and pain during the treatment plus better and longer lasting hair free results.

To read all about the benefits of sugaring please see our pages Why Sugaring? and Sugar vs Wax.


Strip Kit: For the fine type of facial hair. Sugaring strip-technique.

• 200g Anukis Sugaring Paste: Strip
• Strips & Spatulas face combination

Flick Kit: For the strong type of facial hair. Sugaring hand-technique.

• 200g Anukis Sugaring Paste: Strong
• Strips & Spatulas face combination

Strip & Flick Kit: For both the fine and the strong type of facial hair. Both sugaring techniques.

• 200g Anukis Sugaring Paste: Strip
• 200g Anukis Sugaring Paste: Strong
• Strips & Spatulas face combination

How To Use

Warm the paste to body temperature (37°C). After cleansing your skin apply Anukis Sugaring Powder thinnly to absorb any excess moisture.

For precautions and full information please visit our page Sugaring Instructions.

For hand-sugaring small areas like facial areas: Use one finger or a spatula to apply and flick off the sugar paste.

For sugaring eyebrows using the flicking (hand) technique: Use the inlcuded Flick Stick for application and removal of the paste. Practise first on your leg until you feel comfortable before moving on to your delicate facial skin .


Instructions come with each order. If you need personal assistance please contact us, we are always happy to help!

For external use only.


Anukis Sugar Paste
Sucrose (Sugar), Aqua (Water), Citric Acid.
100% natural, 100% biodegradable and water soluble.
Not tested on animals & vegan friendly.

Anukis Strips & Spatulas Face Combination
Reusable (wash after sugaring with warm water and let dry).
High quality 90 gsm non-woven fabric for optimal adhesion: Mini strips:  Size 120mm x 45mm.

Wooden spatulas and sticks: Sizes:
large spatulas l=150mm long, w=19mm
small spatulas l=140mm, w=6mm
flick sticks l=150mm, round with flat/ pointed ends
eyebrow/ top lip spatulas l=88mm, w=4mm with one pointed end

Not tested on animals & vegan friendly.