Sugar Wax Heater Analogue 500cc White Deo


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A "must-have" for sugaring hair removal fans who like it convenient and efficient! This Sugar Wax Heater not only heats up your sugar paste for you while you get ready and prepared; it also keeps the sugar paste at the right temperature and consistency throughout your hair removal session.

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  • Heats sugar paste fast for quick and easy hair removal

  • 500cc Capacity

  • 10 temperature settings

  • Thermostatic heat control 0–115°C with indicator lights

  • Suitable for all types of sugar pastes and depilatory waxes

  • CE approved

  • Comes with a 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Locking Lid

  • Locking protective collar

  • Removable mains lead with standard British three-pin plug / with standard EU two-pole plug.

  • Measurements: Diameter 96mm (3.78 inches)

How To Use

  • Insert your Anukis Sugaring Paste jar into the heater.

  • Do not pour the sugar paste directly into the heater.

  • Recommended heater setting for maintaining optimal working temperature of the paste: (3).

  • For a quick heating up, choose a higher temperature setting depending on the amount of sugaring paste.

  • Stir the sugaring paste regularly and thoroughly during this time.

  • Test the temperature of the sugar wax very carefully to avoid burning injuries.

  • Once the sugar paste is easy to stir turn the temperature control down to (3).

  • Please see included instructions for details and safety cautions.

  • Speedy heating warning: Very high temperatures are not only dangerous but can damage the consistency of the sugar paste! You can use the heater setting (10) but need to keep a close eye on the paste to avoid overheating. Turn setting down to (3) as soon as the paste becomes soft.

  • Tip: when heating our 200g jar make sure the jar touches the inner wall of the heater to optimise heat transfer.