Waxing Strips & Spatulas

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Non-woven fabric strips and wooden spatulas for use with Anukis Sugaring Paste. Available in different combinations to suit your individual needs.
Strips and spatulas are necessary for using the sugaring strip technique. We do recommend to have some strips and spatulas for the sugaring hand technique as well to stir and take out the sugar paste and to remove any paste remains with a strip if needed.

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Strips & Spatulas Small Combination
25 x large strips
5 x large spatulas, 1 x small spatula

Strips & Spatulas Large Combination
50 x large strips
5 x large spatulas, 2 x small spatulas

Strips & Spatulas Face Combination
100 x mini strips
3 x large spatulas, 3 x small spatulas, 3 x flick sticks, 5 x eyebrow/ top lip spatulas


How To Use

Large spatulas: Use to stir and take out the sugar paste. Use to apply Anukis Sugar Paste Strip.
Small spatulas: Use to apply sugar paste to small areas like the face.
Flick sticks: To be used for the sugaring flicking technique (use the stick instead of your hand). Ideal for sugaring eyebrows and top lip with Anukis Sugar Paste Strong.
Eyebrow/ top lip spatulas: Use to apply our strip sugar paste to eyebrows and top lip.

Large strips: For use with Anukis Sugar Paste Strip when sugaring large areas but also handy to remove any sugar paste remains or if the sugar paste gets stuck to your
                             skin when using the sugaring hand technique with our stronger sugar paste types. 
Mini strips: For use with our strip sugar when sugaring small areas. If necessary cut smaller to suit your individual needs.

Please see our Sugaring Instructions for further information.


Reusable (wash after sugaring with warm water and let dry).
Not tested on animals & vegan friendly.

High quality 90 gsm non-woven fabric for optimal adhesion.

Sizes: large strips 220mm x 70mm
             mini strips 120mm x 45mm

Wooden spatulas.

Sizes: large spatulas l=150mm long, w=19mm
             small spatulas l=140mm, w=6mm
             flick sticks l=150mm, round with flat/ pointed ends
             eyebrow/ top lip spatulas l=88mm, w=4mm with one pointed end