Loofah Mitt


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The most important skin care asset for all hair removal fans. A Loofah massage removes the dead skin cells which can clock the pores, thus minimising the incidence of ingrowing hair. 

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This Loofah bath mitt removes the old dead skin cells thus minimising the incidence of ingrowing hair significantly, making it a healthy exfoliant that also promotes blood flow to the skin.

Stimulating and enjoyable, a Loofah is a great asset for skin care!

Beneficial properties: deep cleansing, massaging, exfoliating, de-toxing, regenerating and de-stressing.

How To Use

Use in the shower or bath. Wet the Loofah and massage gently in circular movements towards the heart.

Exfoliating regularly in between your sugaring treatments is absolute essential to avoid the risk of ingrowing hairs and will improve your skin condition on top.

 For setting already ingrown hair free, use the Loofah dry by working it gently in the natural direction of hair growth.

The cotton back of this bath mitt is ideal for gentle washing.

After use, rinse thoroughly with cold water and leave to dry using the hanging loop. For external use only.


100% sustainable and biodegradable Egyptian Loofah.

Made of 50% Egyptian Loofah and 50% Egyptian Cotton.

Not tested on animals & vegan friendly.